Do You Need To Tour A Home During Covid-19?

April 9th, 2020 – Do You Need To Tour A Home During Covid-19?

Were you in the middle of your home search when the coronavirus struck?Do You Need To Tour A Home During Covid-19?

Since now we are expected to stay home, how do you continue your home search and stay safe?

There are several ways you can stay safe. You can do a 3D walkthough, you can contact me to schedule an in person showing, you can do a Video-Chat Tour with me. All are done now to make sure we are all staying safe.

A 3D walkthrough allows you to see the home in a three-dimensional view so you can explore almost every angle of the home with out stepping in.

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A Video-Chat Tour allows you to follow your agent through the home via Facebook or Skype and this allows you to ask questions of your agent in real time and to see actual cabinets open or doors closing etc.

If you need to tour the home in person, I will make sure the owners are not home, we will stay 6 feet away from each other, we will not shake hands, and if you want to write an offer we can do it all online. Also, I will only show the home to 2 people at a time. all this in protection against Covid-19.

As you tour, do not touch anything, maintain social distancing and if you are not sure, just step back to be safe.

Homebuyers in Santa Monica and surrounding areas I serve are still wanting to buy a house, we just need to make some behavioral adjustments to maintain distance and be safe.