Curb Appeal is Even More Important for Sellers Right Now

With the coronavirus pandemic limiting contact outside our homes, home buyers are making sure to limit their in-person home showings to their very top choices. One of the ways to become a top choice and get buyers to want a better look at your home, is with curb appeal. When a house looks great on the outside it intrigues buyers and makes them want to go inside.  

Here are some great ways to boost your curb appeal to the next level and have buyers telling their agents, “I want to see that home!”  

Keep the Yard Green and Tidy 

The lawn makes up most of your outside space, so it is going to be one of the first things someone notices. A lush and green lawn creates a great first impression as compared to a dry browning one with dandelions and overgrowth.  

Spruce Up the Driveway and Walkways 

Many times the driveway and walkways get overlooked in our yards. These areas are important in the curb appeal game. Think of your driveway and walkway as being like a red carpet to buyers coming to take a look at the home. Welcome them in with fanfare with pristine walkways and the cleanest of clean driveways.  

Kill any weeds growing in cracks. Sweep up leaves, pine needles, and excess dirt. Give driveways and walkways a deep cleaning with a pressure washer. To go the extra mile and bring in the most appealing of spruce ups consider patching the cracks and finish with a clear glossy sealer or asphalt sealer.  

Don’t Forget About Nighttime Appeal 

A majority of buyers will be out at daytime driving around looking at homes, but don’t forget the for sale sign is up around the clock and it is possible for buyers to come across your home after the sun goes down. Make your home stand out at night with a warm glow. If your home is not already well lit install some new and stylish outdoor lighting to the front exterior of the home. All of the lighting across the front of the home should have the same style theming to give a cohesive, simple, and eye-pleasing look. Make sure to give special attention to the area around the door, it should be very well lit.  

Highlight the Garage

One item that is increasing in popularity on buyer must-have lists is the garage. This will be something that is specifically looked at by many buyers. Some ways to bring interest and curb appeal to the garage are to paint it the same color as the trim of your home to give it a pop. Replace the door for a newer, more up-to-date stylish one, or if you have a door that isn’t that old see if there is a window kit you can add to up the style factor.  


Ever heard the line “an outfit is only as good as the accessories?” Or,  “an outfit just isn’t complete without the right accessories?” Take a home’s curb from good to great by making sure the accessories are spruced up and fresh.  

What do the house numbers look like? Are they up to date, clear to read, and go with the overall style theme?  

Are there any pops of color in the landscaping? Think about planting some flowers near the walkway or put some in pretty planters near the door.  

Think about staging the front porch to make it warm and inviting.  

Bring More Attention to the Front Door 

The front door is the crowning glory of all curb appeal. Some believe it is what can make or break all of your home’s curb appeal. Statistically homes with colorful contrasting doors or doors with large stylish windows sell faster and for more money because they look inviting and bring tons of curb appeal to the home. So freshen up that front door or replace it with a new one if it is in the budget, you won’t regret it.  

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