Tax Deferred Sales Trust – Better Than A 1031 Exchange?

Avoid the dreaded Capital Gains Tax!!!

If you are planning to sell your Land or Income Property and not reinvest it, ie you are tired of being a Landlord and just want to focus on spoiling the Grandchildren lol, then you may want to look into a 453 (Section 453 if the Internal Revenue Code).

So what is it Tom? I’m glad you asked. 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange
A 453 can be a lifesaver for your estate planning

Tax Deferred Sales Trust – Better Than A 1031 Exchange? The 453 is a “Deferred Sales Trust” which allows you to sell your property or business, defer the property gains tax and roll the money into investments other than real estate.

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So instead of selling directly to a Buyer, you would draw up a contract with a Third Party Trust with the promise that it would pay you over a predetermined time period. You would transfer the property to the Trust, and the Trust would be allowed to sell it to the Buyer.

You can integrate this deferred sales trust strategy with your estate planning to protect your money from estate taxes.

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