7 Ways to Create a Space to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home

During this time when many of us are still trying to keep our distance and find ways to stay out of a crowd, we are turning to our own outdoor private spaces. What if in previous warm weather seasons we were too busy to give our outdoor spaces some attention? What if our outdoor spaces are not a place that we feel is enjoyable to hang out in?

No matter the size of your outdoor space, with these ideas you can transform your yard into a place you will hate to leave.

Bring Out Some Loungers

More space is the New Amenity Post Covid

Who needs the beach when you have a lounge chair in your own backyard? You can purchase a new favorite place to take an outdoor nap or create your own. Check out all of the online instructions for making your own hammock, create a pallet lounger, or even use a platform bed frame and a new cushion covered in outdoor fabric. Add in some outdoor throw pillows, and a table to hold an ice-cold drink and you are ready to relax in your own outdoor oasis.

Create Your Own Movie Theater

Movie theaters may still be closed, but you can bring the feel of the theater home. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. All it takes to show a movie in your backyard theater style is plenty of chairs, some dim lighting, blankets, snacks, a white sheet hung taught, a projector, and a movie.

If you do not have a projector or a way to get one, you can make one with just a shoebox and a magnifying glass. Just web search homemade projector online.

An Outdoor Bar

It could be a long time before bars are open again. Create your own place to order a custom cocktail right in your back yard. You can get super creative by repurposing old furniture or you can purchase a kit online. If you are really into creating your own custom space you can get adventurous with building one from scratch.

Give the Shed a Makeover

Spruce up that old shed that feels like an eyesore. Give it a new coat of paint, hang some string lights from it, and make it work for you as part of the décor in your yard. Now you are ready to set out some planters and chairs to create a new sitting area.

Add a Fire Pit

It is very warm out and fires need to be carefully lit and well watched, but who doesn’t like the feel of a campfire on a chilly summer night? It is easy to purchase or create a space for summer bonfires in your yard. Just make sure to install it where it is safely distanced from things that could catch fire. Then get ready to enjoy smores and laughs with loved ones.

Outdoor Dining Room

One of the best things about summer is backyard cookouts on the grill. Create a space to enjoy all those yummy summer recipes in the backyard. Take your space up a notch by adding an umbrella, lights, flowers, outdoor rug, or even a fun outdoor chandelier.

Make It Space of Relaxation

Create a space where you are transported to quiet tranquility with pots of lavender and a water feature. This is a good way to shut out the things around you that may be causing stress. Make your yard a place that feels like you can catch a break away from all the things.

Los Angeles has long been a land known for its outdoor beauty, so why not enjoy that beauty right at home?

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