Pre-Packing to Sell Your House

When selling your home in Pacific Palisades and surrounding areas, you want it to look as clutter-free and presentable as possible for potential buyers. While open houses are often scheduled ahead of time and you can plan accordingly, in other cases, you may get a request for a last-minute showing. Ensuring that your home is presentable at all times to accommodate showings is a must as many buyers will be turned off by clutter or a misrepresented space. There is nothing worse than losing a buyer, especially when they may be turned off by a completely avoidable scenario such as clutter.

If you have already purchased a new home, or won’t be living in your home during the sale, then there isn’t nearly as much stress with keeping things tidy as the home itself will already be empty, however, if you are living in your home while selling it, there are a few tricks that can help you stay tidy. While it is always recommended to keep your home tour ready at all times, you will be amazed at how much more spacious a home feels and looks when it is clutter-free. This puts off a great first impression for buyers and can really highlight the amount of space in the home.

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Pre-Packing to Sell Your House

First and foremost, try to do as much preliminary packing as possible. Living minimalistic will be temporary but will make a big difference in helping keep your home clean and presentable. 15 things you can pack ahead of time include:

#1 Dishes-keep one set per person in the home, the rest should be packed!

#2 Pots/Pans/Extra Kitchen Appliances

#3 Coats-pack all but one coat per person

#4 Off Season Clothing

#5 Book Cases

#6 Knick Knacks

#7 Linen Closets

#8 DVDs/CDs

#9 Children’s toys

#10 Family photos/Picture Frames

#11 Christmas/Holiday Decor

#12 Garage/Attic Space

#13 Excessive Cleaning Supplies-be sure to keep a few!

#14 Outdoor Furniture/Gardening Supplies

#15 Guest Bedrooms/Bathrooms

Just by packing up some of these items ahead of time you are eliminating the number of items in the home, this will not only help you keep your home clean, but also make your final pack before moving easier as a lot of the work has already been done. With so much pre-packed and out of the way, try setting a nightly alarm where you designate even if it’s just 15 minutes before bed to do a quick tidy and clean so that the next morning your home is ready and presentable for any potential buyers that may want to schedule a tour.

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