Essential Resources for Your California Move

Essential Resources for Your California Move

Lucrative job opportunities, endless outdoor getaways, exciting cities with no shortage of things to do – these are just a few of the many reasons that people choose to move to California! Whether you’ve decided to head out to the Golden State for your career, education, or artistic enrichment, you can rest assured that you’ve made a great decision. However, moving to another state can be a time-consuming, emotionally taxing process. These resources will help you get ready to tackle your big move to California!

Planning Your Move

Preparing for a fresh start is a lot of work, but these informative guides will make it easier!

  • Working with a fantastic real estate broker in your preferred city, like LA Exclusive, is the best way to find the perfect property.
  • Follow these tips to get pre-approved for a mortgage and find temporary accommodation if necessary. 
  • Research the average cost of living in California and begin planning your monthly budget accordingly. 

Tips for Moving Day

From packing up properly to finding a trustworthy moving company, these resources will help you with the nuts and bolts of relocating. 

  • Stay organized while packing – label all of your boxes and use a spreadsheet to keep track of the contents. 
  • Search online to find long-distance movers with positive reviews, then make appointments with several representatives to decide who to hire.
  • Start unpacking as soon as you arrive so that you’re not digging through boxes for essential items in the coming weeks. 

How to Settle In

Once you’ve unpacked, you can take steps to decorate your property and show off your own unique sense of style. 

  • Give the interior of your home a fresh coat of paint to personalize each room.
  • Hang your art pieces and photographs in a creative way to design an attractive gallery wall
  • Spruce up your outdoor space, too – the sunny weather in California makes it possible to start a garden in your backyard at any time of year!
  • If your home has carpeting, you may want to spend some money on a professional cleaning.

Local Adventures

The best thing about moving to an entirely new state? Exploring your new backyard! 

Every year, countless people pack up and move to California to experience all the incredible things this massive state has to offer. But even if you’re excited to move, you might feel overwhelmed by your extensive to-do list. With these resources available for reference, you can say goodbye to your stress and embrace this new chapter in your life!

LA Exclusive Property can help you find the right property! Contact Tom today by visiting the website or calling 310-420-1149. I am more than happy to help you with the essential resources for your California move.

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