3 Crucial Selling Mistakes to Avoid

3 Crucial Selling Mistakes to Avoid – I want to give you all the available tools and marketing strategies necessary to show your home well and sell it fast.

Now is not a market for less than motivated home sellers. Most sellers in the South Nashville market right now, need to sell and the inventory cannot withstand “fake” sellers.

I want to arm our sellers with all the valuable information necessary to present to home buyers that truly feel inclined to buy.

Because our team cannot direct every phone call and every showing there are some guidelines to keep in mind when listing and selling your Santa Monica or Pacific Palisades real estate.

Here are 3 Crucial Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Be Realistic on Price when Selling Your LA Real Estate

Too many sellers may just want to test the real estate waters and come down if necessary or sell if they actually get the asking price. This is not the way to sell quickly and you may end up coming down farther then where you could have sold, to begin with, if priced right.

At Exclusive LA Property, I want to help you price the home right from the beginning in order to get as many buyers interested as possible. Knowing the market, what’s actually selling and what buyers want, all come from years of seasoned experience in selling real estate.

Be Flexible with Buyers

If you are listing your Los Angeles property with stipulations that showings can only happen by the listing agent, during certain hours or extensive advance notice, more than likely you will turn off most buyers. Buyers may have constrained time frames to view homes, short notices by their agent or odd times due to work or family. By restricting them even further, you may turn away a potential offer.

You will Sell when you are Motivated

Although it’s not a terrible market, we have slowed somewhat and motivated sellers need to be serious when it comes to staging and pricing.  Whatever motivates you to sell right now needs to be kept on the forefront of your mind. If you lose focus and forget the reason for selling, it can make your decisions cloudy and potentially lose a sale.

Consider this when negotiating price, terms, inspection items and the like. Yes, you don’t want to give the house away but when it comes to a couple hundred dollars, you need to consider what is more important. I help you analyze all your options and choices when selling. Try not to get too emotional when negotiating.

Your Pacific Palisades home for sale is your emotional attachment, not the buyers. They simply want the best deal they can get. I work with you to devise a plan that works out for both parties.  Looking to sell a home? Let us help you find the perfect Santa Monica home or Pacific Palisades property.

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