9 Questions to Ask Before and During Video Home Tours

Though parts of the country are slowly opening back up there are still some areas that are in the beginning stages of opening and still using distancing measures to carry out business and daily activities. In many areas, video home tours are still being used as a way to continue to sell homes and help out those looking for a home. Especially for buyers and sellers who are still at high risk or would prefer to take more precautious. 

If the home you are interested in is using/requesting video tours at this time here are some good questions to ask before, during, and after the tour to make sure you are getting to know as much about the home as possible.  9 Questions to Ask Before and During Video Home Tours

Questions to Ask Before the Tour

  • Can I get a copy of the floorplan to reference during the video? : When someone else is walking through the home on video it can be easy to get disoriented from what is where. Having a floor plan handy can help to give you a better feel for where the tour guide is in the home, how big the rooms actually are, and what rooms are nearby.  
  • Can you use a platform that will allow you to record our tour so I can watch it multiple times?: Touring a home without seeing it in person does seem like a disadvantage, but here is where it can be an advantage. This gives you the chance to  go back and watch the video and study parts of the home you are most interested in. This gives you the opportunity to not just go off of memory from a one time visit. It enables you to make a very informed decision.  
  • Can You Spend extra Time and Attention on These Areas?: Communicate with your realtor or the person assigned to host the video tour the attributes of a home you are most interested in. Do you need a large master walk-in closet with plenty of organized shelving? Are you hoping for a mudroom? Do you need more than one living/family room? Ask for those things to be highlighted in detail on your tour. 

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Questions to Ask During the Tour 

  • Does anything look worn or damaged?: Sometimes it can be hard to tell through video because the camera does not pick up fine detail.  
  • What are the noise levels like in and around the home?: If a home is on a busy street or close to local business it is good to be aware of how much the surrounding noise is noticed in and around the home. If you purchase the house you will be living in that noise.  
  • Can you open all of the window coverings?: Most of the time the seller or their agent will make sure this is done, but it does get missed or even used as a way to gloss over an unsightly view or the neighboring house being super close.  
  • What appliances are staying and what shape are they in? Can you open them up?: If the appliances are staying you want to know how old they are, if they seem to be working well, if there is any cosmetic damage, and what they feature/how they function. This will help you to know if you will need to plan on buying new appliances that are a better fit for you or if you will need to replace old and dying items.  
  • Can you walk around the back yard and show me how much privacy there is from the neighbors?: Most of us that enjoy spending time in our back yard like to be able to getoutside on our own terms in our own space and in privacy. Having a backyard that is right in the sight lines of the neighbors two story deck isn’t very appealing. You may need to build a privacy wall or consider a different home.  
  • Can we stop and look at that again?: If you do not feel like you got a good enough look at something don’t be afraid to ask to go back and take a second look. This is a huge investment and you want to be sure you are making the right choice. 

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Questions to Ask After the Tour

  • What are your thoughts after walking through the home?: If your agent is the one hosting the video tour and the home buyer is in the property at the time they are going to reserve their thoughts during the tour. If this is the case make sure to ask them for their thoughts and concerns after the video when they are no longer on the property and able to speak more honestly with you.  

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